Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Analisis investasi saham merupakan hal yang mendasar untuk diketahui para pemilik modal,mengingat tanpa analisis yang baik dan rasional para pemodal akan mengalami kerugian. Keputusan membeli saham terjadi bila nilai perkiraan suatu saham diatas harga pasar. Sebaliknya,keputusan menjual saham terjadi bila nilai perkiraan suatu saham dibawah harga pasar.
Dalam proses penilaian saham dibedakan antara :
a.      nilai (value) yang dimaksud adalah nilai intrinsic (intrinsic value).
Nilai intrinsik adalah nilai yang tercermin pada fakta (jus-tified by the fact) seperti aktiva, pendapatan, deviden,dan prospek perusahaan. Nilai intrinsik merupakan nilai nyata  (true value) suatu saham yang ditentukan oleh beberapa factor  fundamental perusahaan.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letters Hijaiyah

with these friends can learn how to assemble and letters while learning hijaiyahplease download here Read more...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Display Only Title PostiLabel Click on it

How to Display Only Title PostiLabel Click on it. When the number of blog postings we've been so much the use of labels or categories will be an important part. Use of the label will facilitate or accelerate the visitor in finding what they seek.

In normal circumstances (the default), when we click a "label" then all of a particular posting with the following label shall be displayed postingannya content. So, let's say, a label containing the 50 posts to 50 posts will be displayed all. With this situation can make your visitors become impatient to resume the search. Moreover, these conditions were exacerbated by the length of the existing contents of each posting and also weight loading the blog. With this condition, we can imagine how long and tedious when visitors are looking for a theme / posting what they want.

In this regard, if you want, we can arrange such that when visitors click on a specific label, which displayed only the title postingannya course content without postingannya. Therefore, it can shorten the visitor to search for that appear only in title.

If you want it, follow the steps.

First, log into blogger account to enter the Dashboard>> Layout>> Edit HTML

Second, do not forget to check the "Expand Widget Templates"

Third, search and find the following code.

Fifth, the Save Template.
Sixth, the end.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Chrome OS

Current usage is the dominant web browser of your activities using the computer. where chatting, sending or receiving email, listening to music, play movies, shopping, playing computer games, reading news, making documents and other socializing activities carried out with a web browser to access the existing services on the Internet.

Where all the activities that make the web browser becomes an important software on your computer, if the trace of a web browser was invented in 1990's web browser only presents the news in the form of text, images or links, web browsers are now rich media such as audio, video, an interactive world map, process images in realtime, to provide a place to socialize with our relatives though separate continents.

Current utilization trends web browser called Web 2.0, the website is a platform where all media can be played.

The use of OS is now simply become the media in an installed application (plug), imagine if we want to open email, how long do we need when pressing the power button to get into the desktop and then back to the time required to open a web browser, waiting for the web browser open , enter the address and the username and password seem to take many minutes.

Compare with you can open an email through your computer less than a minute, even claimed to open a web browser only seven seconds counted mekan time when pressing the power button, of course, this is fun.

Moreover the web browser is an OS, Google is now developing a project called Google Chrome the OS, which is a web browser operating system provides the speed, the elegant design, and safe computing provides a new experience for those of you who spent time with the Internet.

No need to worry about data stored on computer, just save it on the internet. Documents such as presentation files, word, excel and other files can be saved in the google apps.

Today many Internet services that accommodate your data stored diinternet, no need to worry about losing data when your notebook robbed, or things happen that are not desired.